Our School

We would like to acknowledge that our schools are on unceded Algonquin Territory, and thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us on their land.

Our School

A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School opened in 1991 in Stittsville. The school is named after a former Carleton Board Superintendent of Schools whose contribution to the development of special education programs was recognized throughout the province.

The notions of community and family are very highly valued at our school. Teachers and parents work together in all aspects of school life, with the best interests of children as our primary focus. We are dedicated to making our school a place where students achieve in an atmosphere that is comfortable, focuses on the development of their character and offers lots of opportunity for developing all aspects of each student as a person. Our school is a vibrant place that offers much to every student, each and every day.

Our Students

Total enrollment (January 2020): 591

17% of our students are presently enrolled in English programs and 83% are enrolled in French Immersion programs. Once our students complete grade 8 they attend South Carleton High School in Richmond. Some go on to the Arts program at Canterbury High School.

Our Staff

Our talented staff represents a wide range of educational backgrounds, interests, and expertise. The teachers work cooperatively to provide a consistent delivery model for instruction. We are able to deliver a great deal of inhouse training because of the talents of several master educators. Teachers are assisted by a committed team of  Educational Assistants, office staff, a Library technician and a Chief Custodian. Staff provides organized activities including intramural sports, a band, and the Students Leadership Team.

Our Community

Our School Council’s mission is “to help make the whole school environment the best it can be.” The Council strives to enhance communication between parents, teachers, children, and administrators; and to address current educational issues, trends, and curricula. It has been proactive on Board issues, participating on committees, compiling parent input and ensuring its voice is heard. The School Council liaises with nearby schools to work on common issues and devise joint solutions. Council committees coordinate volunteers and fundraising. Many volunteers take part in organizing charitable events; providing services such as pizza, sub and hot dog days; fundraising activities to support and enhance school programs; and assist in the classroom, and at extracurricular events.

Mission Statement

The acquisition of the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and values required to successfully participate in, and contribute to a competitive and rapidly changing global society begins early in life and continues throughout one’s school career and beyond. ALC is thus a learning community where all strive to grow and achieve in an atmosphere of cooperation, consideration and respect for self and others. A positive school climate and a strong partnership between staff, students, parents and the wider community provide the foundation for each of our